Become an IPTV Reseller

Start making your own money

You can now create your own IPTV Company. You will get your own server & panel installed to manage unlimited customers with your very own automated system.

Take advantage of our packages below for you to start reselling our IPTV portal to your clients where you can start managing your own sales and members at ease and a very simple user interface.

YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL! Let IPTVTiger set you up and start distributing your services today.


💰 Only for IPTV resellers.


💰 Only for IPTV resellers.


💰 Only for IPTV resellers.


We have different reseller platforms to suit every need.

200 Credits

600 Credits

1200 Credits




1 Month Subscription 10 Credits 10 Credits 10 Credits
3 Months Subscription 25 Credits 25 Credits 25 Credits
6 Months Subscription 35 Credits 35 Credits 35 Credits
12 Months Subscription 50 Credits 50 Credits 50 Credits
Free Trial (to all clients)
Control Panel

Special Offers for IPTV Reseller

IPTVTiger is providing the best offers for IPTV Resellers. You will be provided full support by our support team. Apply for a IPTV reseller account and start your business with us today. Your IPTV reseller panel will be 100% secured and easy to use.

With our IPTV panel you can do the following

  • reset your password anytime
  • enable/disable clients
  • monitor clients
  • completely manage your clients

We offer best reseller IPTV panel and cheap prices for the users who wanna make money with the best way. This is cheap IPTV reseller account for you comes with top quality channel and VOD streams.

You can simply start your Reseller IPTV panel with €200 (200 Credits) paying with PayPal, Credit Card or Bitcoin.

FAQ About IPTV Reseller Panel

To be an IPTV reseller, you need to buy first time credit of €200 (Credit means Euro, 1 Credit = 1 Euro). The account will be free for you with €200 credit. To pay for reseller account, IPTVTiger accept payment by Paypal, Credit Card or Bitcoin.

1. How can i use it? How does it work?

The price of IPTV subscriptions are less than normal in reseller account. Normally 1 month is €20, but in reseller account is around €5.

  • You can completly manage your clients from the IPTV account. There is no limit of account/credit usage. You can use it when you need.
  • It will allow you unlimited trial accounts daily.
  • You can edit M3U file to rearrange/remove channels yourself.
  • You can allow/remove any channels from any account.

2. How do I create lines?

It’s very easy to create lines from your IPTV reseller account. This is how you do it

  1. Select create line.
  2. Select package. Then click on create line, and then select manage lines.
  3. Click on the download icon. Then select M3U.

For MAG boxes, then you need to add the MAC address of the MAG box.

  1. Go to add MAG device, and then add MAC address.
  2. Select package, and then select Create MAG.
  3. Send Portal URL address to your client.

That’s all. If you need help, you can contact our support team anytime.

3. How to make the payment?

For IPTV reseller account, we accept

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin